Welcome to Wine Eccentrics!

Here we will continue our passion for wine and above all for wine from this region, north of the Montejunto mountain, a climate divide which gives wines from here a special taste! Already innovative winemakers here are making their mark internationally. We will talk about this and other topics and hope that our site will inform and incite those living here to explore, visit the wineries, and try these special wines. After a pause of 2 years we also will make our wines again, but the wines we made up to 2017 are available in various shops in the region and here at the winery now under the management of the new owner of Vinhos Cortém. You can see details of the wines below. Please have a look at the site in general. We have described many things in detail and there are alot of photos which will inform and for some of us, bring back fond memories! We welcome any questions or suggestions.

THE CORTÈM WINESmore details on the wines page