Cortém wine tastings were a famous experience not just the wines, but the amazing food that Helga served!
And it was not only the tastings. Every year we invited friends and strangers to help pick the grapes. Many friends were made and picking natures gift was a very special occasion for all of us. The pictures tell the story.

Wine Tasting

We will continue to do tastings, together with local winemakers, promoting the wines we love. There will be many opportunities for events here in Cortém and we are improving our facilities with an outside bar and grill near the eira with its unique view over the Cortém valley!

Cortém Harvests

There will also be grape picking again this year if all goes well, as we still have the Cova vineyard which provided the grapes for our first wines. Our grape harvests started in the middle of September and finished often late in the last weeks of October. Alltogether we had about five harvest days spread over this time to pick the grapes at optimum ripeness. As you can see from the fotos it was a very special occasion every year for all of us, and a the end of the day, the wine flowed freely and good food was on the table, time to rest our aching limbs and get to know who we had been working with all day in the vineyards!


Over the years we attended many wine shows and events including the Prowein where we won our first commendation for our wines, the Biofach in Nurnburg and the famous Millesime Bio in Montpelier where we shared a stand with Rodrigo Philipe and his Humus wines.

We were at the Simplesmente Vinho in Porto for the last 4 years. Portugal’s Offroad  venue for innovative wines and winemakers. There we met Simon Woolfe who mentioned us in his recent book. “Foot Trodden” We also appear in the Portugal Wild Guide.



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